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A bonus section of Venus inspired and themed media.

Artbook images

A few of my favorites.

The 2004 re-release of Codename: Sailor V was condensed into two volumes instead of the previous three. I've included below cover scans from the previous three volumes, the re-printed two, as well as volume four (without text) from the re-released Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon that featured Sailorvenus.

Read the manga

Looking for the highest quality complete scans of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon? Visit Neo Nobility. Below I've cleaned up scanlations by ANViL of the entire original distributed Codename: Sailor V for download with permission. Let me know if the file ever need to be re-uploaded. Or you can read the entire story online using our own online reader by clicking on the chapter name.

Download the full manga! Coming soon!


A Minako/Venus inspired mixed soundtrack.

Venus adoptions

A few excellent made pixel adoptions of Venus.