Super Sailorvenus

He points to another planet. "That is your mother star, the fiery planet of the goddess Venus. Its size and weight are about the same as Earth's. It's composed of the same elements. Venus is called Earth's twin planet."

Super Sailorvenus is Venus' third senshi transformation. She continues to protect Sailormoon as she was requested to do by the past Queen Serenity. As Super Sailorvenus, Venus becomes more intuned with her powers as they hone in on her element of love. She obtains these powers with the help of Artemis and her crystal heart when she is attacked by the Dark Moon Circus. Venus' fuku has also changed slightly to mimic her increase in power. Her sleeves have changed and the bows in the back of her skirt are longer. This is Venus' ultimate senshi form in the anime. In the anime, Venus obtains this status through the powers of Pegasus.