He points to another planet. "That is your mother star, the fiery planet of the goddess Venus. Its size and weight are about the same as Earth's. It's composed of the same elements. Venus is called Earth's twin planet."

Sailorvenus first appears in the manga Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon in disguise as the Moon Princess to protect the real identity of Princess Serenity. She is the first senshi to awaken her past life as guardian to Princess Serenity after her journey using the codename: Sailor V. Because of this, Sailorvenus has much more experience than the other first four senshi and is often seen as their leader as well as Usagi/Serenity's close companion and advisor. She weilds the Holy Sword of the Silver Millennium as a symbol of her leadership. Because of her leadership status, Venus often feels as though she is responsible for the safety and love of everyone, and is seen early in the manga as very serious and melancholy. As noted her fuku has changed from her Sailor V days. This is the true colors of the senshi from Venus. During the earlier sections of the manga, Venus can be seen wearing her love-me-chain around her waist.