Sailor V

She appears in a fancy sailor suit, with a red mask over her eyes. "Code name: Sailor V! The soldier of justice, the sailor-suited beautiful soldier. I am Sailor Venus!"

Sailor V emerges as the champion of justice in Codename Wa: Sailor V. She is the first of the planetary senshi to awaken to fight crime. This is the prototype senshi that Naoko Takeuchi created that would give rise to the legendary hit Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. As Code Name: Sailor V, Venus begins her training much earlier than the other senshi. She begins fighting crime early on and becomes a world reknown celebrity hero by the time Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon takes place. The "V" in Sailor V actually stands for Venus. There are many fans that have the misconception that the "V" stands for Victory since Venus often poses with a "V" handsign for victory. At the end of Codename Wa: Sailor V, Venus finally awakens to her true calling as Sailor Venus, guardian of the Moon Princess and the Solar System.