Princess Venus

"I remember when I look at the fog..." thinks Minako. "My still young planet, covered in the fog of thick sulfuric acid from the volcanic activity. Surrounded by the sulfur fog, my Magellan Castle. And the beautiful morning glow of my other planet..."

Princess Venus is the oldest and truest form of Venus. Princess Venus has a role both in the past as well as in the future. She is princess and guardian of the planet Venus. For each planet, each senshi plays the double role of Guardian/Princess to the planet. Whenever Sailormoon/Usagi transforms into an ultimate form or when evil is defeated, Venus and the other senshi are transformed into their Princess state. In my opinion this occurs to show their most powerful and pure position (as Neo Queen Serenity is Sailormoon's most powerful state). Venus resides in her floating castle Magellan when she is not needed on Earth. Unlike the other senshi in Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Venus already knew beforehand (in the Sailor V manga) that she was the princess of Venus, a reincarnation of the goddess Venus born from the foam of the sea of the planet Venus.