Eternal Sailorvenus

She's actually an incarnation of the goddess of love and beauty, Venus. She's the soldier of love and justice, Sailor Venus.

This is Venus' last and most powerful senshi transformation. This eternal transformation only appears in the manga. There is also a last evil form that Venus eternal evil Senshi in the last battle against Galaxia, which looks the same as Eternal Sailorvenus, except for the fact that Venus is evil and she also wears the same bracelets that the Animamates where. As an eternal senshi, Venus has reached the height of her power. Her fuku has changed drastically from her original Sailorvenus fuku. Her sleeves are now bubble shaped, her skirt has layers to it, the back ribbon has turned into two long streamers, and her usual high heel shoes have been replaced by white knee length boots trimmed in her coordinating color ribbon.