Aino Minako

"I'm first!" shouts the girl with long, blond hair. "I'm Aino Minako!" She jumps onto the vertical bar. "Let's go!" She swings over it. "Come on, I can do this..." She swings over it again and flips off into the air. "Maneuver D. Hold in my knees, somersault, and a half twist!"

In Codename Wa: Sailor V, Aino Minako is an average 13 year-old clumsy student. She comes across a talking white cat named Artemis, who tells her she is the guardian of the planet Venus known as Sailorvenus. This the period of time where Minako achieves her legendary Red Ribbon look as well as becomes an ept senshi. In Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Minako takes on her disguise of Aino Minako when she reveals that she is Sailorvenus to the other planetary senshi. Early in the manga, she retains a serious attitude even in human form since she must guard the moon princess, although as time progresses there are glimpses of her fun and crazy side. In the anime, Minako is beyond hiliarous and crazy (especially in season 5) whenever she is around Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and the Starlights.