Do you feel the love that invites us

Loyal, courageous, and vivacious Sailorvenus is often associated with the color orange and the element love. However, her true prototype color is yellow and element is gold/metal.1 The first four senshi elements were inspired by the days of the week in Japan. Venus falls under Friday (kinyobi), which literally means "Gold day." In Asian culture, gold or metal is often equated to the west, color white, autumn, dusk, the planet Venus, and note #2 in music.2 In the Materials Collection, Naoko notes that Venus' eye color is gold after transforming into a senshi.3

"Everyone knows that yellow, orange, and red suggest ideas of joy and plenty. I can paint you the skin of Venus with mud, provided you let me surround it as I will." -- Eugene Delacroix

The color yellow shines with optimism, happiness, and energy. The color is also associated with honor, loyalty, clarity, awareness, hope, happiness, and cheer.4


Fan #278

In the anime version Minako is fun, flirty, and an obsessive idol-holic that will follow through with most if not all of Usagi's hair-brain schemes or missions to be an idol or catch glimpses of idols.

An example of Minako's anime personality is her claim as fan #278 in the Three Lights fan club, outshining out both Hino Rei (Sailormars) and Kino Makoto (Sailorjupiter) respectively in outstanding dedicated fandom. Minako is only shadowed by the insane closet fan Mizuno Ami (Sailormercury) who revealed that she is fan #25.5



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